Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lyla 8 months

Even though Lyla's baby book is only a little bit filled out and Cade's is ridiculously thick, I have done better at capturing photos of the different stages.  Since the kids are exactly 18 months apart I wanted to take a picture of them together so I could look back and compare.  I started when Lyla was 1 month old and Cade was 19 months.  He cooperated much better back then.  It's so hard to get pictures because I'm worried about Lyla falling off and I can't keep Cade there...but it does make for some fun pictures.  (These pics are taken on my desk from when I was a kid.  It's turned on its side so it can be a bench)
I put Lyla there thinking she'd lure Cade into sitting by her.
Well he got close...notice the chalkboard is already out of the picture.
I put the chalkboard back real quick and then they were both trying to escape.
And, now they are both standing up.  Can't believe she was able to stand up and stay there.
Lyla loves to climb.  Here she is climbing on Cade's "new road".  She has also started climbing up the stairs.  I guess it's time to start closing our baby gate again.
All she wants to do is crawl.  She doesn't care where she is.  So, if we are outside she wants to play in the dirt, grass, sand, water, and mud.  And of course, eat it all.
I also take pictures every month of Lyla by herself in the nursery chair.  Boy has she grown.  She also loves her baby doll that she got for Christmas.  Notice her tongue.  She has started this weird tongue face...odd and cute.
And, the monkey picture.  I have a picture of Cade with the monkey as he was growing and I also have one with Lyla every month.  Most of them she looks like this...crying.
Here's a happy face.  She loves to laugh at Cade.
Lyla:  8 Months
I put everything in my mouth.
I can crawl super fast.
I like to bear crawl, too.
I eat table food and love it!
I had my second stomach bug and second ear infection this month.
I started shaking my head no and Cade likes to copy me.  Or maybe I'm copying Cade.
I sleep all night long and take 2 naps during the day.
I was dedicated at church this month.
I can stand for a few seconds at a time without holding on to anything.
I flew a kite.
I like music.  I bounce up and down and shake my "booty" as Cade calls it.
I like to take Cade's toys and put them in my mouth.
Watch me grow....

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